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This category of wines meets specific consumer requirements and satisfies a wide range of wine lovers.

The name "Classic" is given because it is a category of good quality wine at a reasonable price that is in harmony with the matching quality.

In order for a wine to be placed in the classic category, it is being assessed from our oenologists regarding the conditions of production of the cultivation of the vine until the bottling of the wine.

  • Apiros Hora White 2017
    Apiros Hora White 2017
    The delicate aromas involved in the composition of this particular white dry wine manage to capture the attention as they form a pleasant surprise.
  • Apiros Hora Red 2016
    Apiros Hora Red 2016
    The most well-known blend worldwide, Bordeaux blend, results from the combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
  • Ampelones 2017
    Ampelones 2017
    The “lady” of Epirus, namely, Debina the variety which gives the area of Zitsa the privilege to produce wines with Protected Designation of Origin.
  • Rosé Privé 2017
    Rosé Privé 2017
    A truly special rose wine, which stands out as a result of its complicated aromatic character and which emerges from the red wine grape varieties Syrah and Vlahiko.
  • Agiorgitiko Glinavos 2016
    Agiorgitiko Glinavos 2016
    When Epirus and more specifically the area of Zitsa in Ioannina meets Nemea and one of the top Greek grape varieties, the result cannot be anything less than interesting and enjoyable.