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From classic traditional fried to foie gras and botargo of Mesologgi
  • Lady Frosyni 2017
    Lady Frosyni 2017
    A notably expressive semi-sparkling, semi-sweet rose wine with complex aromas, intense flavour of ripened grapes, distinctive and pungent taste.
  • Tsipouro Asimenia Limni
    Tsipouro Asimenia Limni
    The tsipouro Asimenia Limni undergoes a double distillation, and is produced entirely from the grape marc of the white local variety Debina from the area of Zitsa, at the distillery of our winery.
  • Tsipouro Chrysi Vidra
    Tsipouro Chrysi Vidra
    The mountainous climate of Epirus, the rigorous selection of fermented grape mass from the indigenous variety of Debina and the mastery in distillation provided a solid basis for the aging.
  • Ampelones 2017
    Ampelones 2017
    The “lady” of Epirus, namely, Debina the variety which gives the area of Zitsa the privilege to produce wines with Protected Designation of Origin.
  • Red Velvet 2016
    Red Velvet 2016
    The combination of the famous Peloponnesian variety, Agiorgitiko with the two indigenous red varieties of Ioannina, Vlahiko and Bekari, create an interesting blend.
  • Syrah 2013
    Syrah 2013
    Syrah is one of the most well known international red grape varieties.