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Small or big fish, seafood, scallops, clams, caviar, sushi…
  • Primus Zitsa 2017
    Primus Zitsa 2017
    A fine and youthful dry white wine with superb aromas produced from the indigenous grape variety Debina, which is cultivated in the wine region of Zitsa. It is a grape variety which dominates in the
  • Apiros Hora White 2017
    Apiros Hora White 2017
    The delicate aromas involved in the composition of this particular white dry wine manage to capture the attention as they form a pleasant surprise.
  • Primus Zitsa Barrique 2015
    Primus Zitsa Barrique 2015
    An extremely notable dry white wine with a unique smoked character.
  • Ampelones 2017
    Ampelones 2017
    The “lady” of Epirus, namely, Debina the variety which gives the area of Zitsa the privilege to produce wines with Protected Designation of Origin.
  • Rosé Privé 2017
    Rosé Privé 2017
    A truly special rose wine, which stands out as a result of its complicated aromatic character and which emerges from the red wine grape varieties Syrah and Vlahiko.
  • Aspra Homata 2017
    Aspra Homata 2017
    A dry white wine which creates positive impressions even from the first sip.