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Unique, indigenous mostly from Zitsa, Greek or international varieties make an impression in our vineyards

From the very beginning, the production of high quality wines was we set as a primary objective of Domaine Glinavos, by making the most of, by reviving and highlighting the uniqueness of the indigenous varieties of Ioannina. The famous white wine grape variety Debina from the P.D.O. Wine Region of Zitsa and the exceptional red wine grape varieties Vlahiko and Bekari with P.G.I. Ioannina.

The grape varieties that thrive in Epirus give us white wines with enviable freshness and aromatic finesse; red wines that are characterized by mountainous robustness; exceptional sparkling and semi-sparkling wines with natural sparkles, while remarkable rose wines or soft red wines derive from their combination.

Most wine varieties with origins lost in the depths of time, some particularly known and others almost forgotten are the hundreds of indigenous wine grape varieties that constitute the Greek vineyards; a fact which classifies the Greek vineyards among the richest worldwide.