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Sauvignon Blanc
Cosmopolitan & Polymorphous

The most well known aromatic variety of white wine grapes in the world, with origins predominantly in Haute-Loire. Due to its rich, aromatic dynamics it is considered to be irreplaceable and has earned the title of a “cosmopolitan” variety as it is being cultivated in many countries around the world. Since the mid 80’s it has been planted and produced in many areas around Greece too. In recent years, we have been given the opportunity to cultivate Sauvignon Blanc in our area as well, the county of Ioannina and our vineyards in Zitsa.


Generally, it is an easily adjustable grape variety, a fact which has rendered it one of the most cosmopolitan and polymorphous varieties in the world. Wines made from Sauvignon Blanc have a pleasant aroma and flavour as a result of the refreshing acidity and citrus aromas that derive from grapefruit, citrus, melon and exotic fruits that characterize the variety. Additionally, these wines show variations owed to the different microclimates and soils of the areas they are cultivated in, as well as the various vinification techniques.   

A successful combination of Sauvignon Blanc with another variety, namely, Debina is the Apiros Hora White – Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) «Epirus». A wine that is more complete and complex created by Domaine Glinavos by mixing these two varieties.